Teddy Bear Fun Run - May 11, 2019

Oaklyn's Raiders

We decided to do this run for our daughter, Oaklyn, who spent the first 3 months of her life in the Stollery between the NICU and the pediatric ward. Oaklyn was born with congenital bi-lateral vocal cord paralysis. This condition is a one in a million chance to have from birth. She was intubated at 12 minutes old, and transferred to the Stollery from the Sturgeon Community Hospital. Oaklyn had 5 failed extubation attempts before we decided to go the route of a tracheostomy. She also needed a g tube to be fed as she can not take a bottle without aspirating.

After learning all the needed skills to take care of Oaklyn, we finally got to take hr home after 76 days. She has since needed to go back to the Stollery for many appointments, procedures and surgeries. At 7 months old, she is a energetic, adorable, on the go baby.

Everyone knows all of the amazing things the Stollery does, but until you personally need it, you just hope it’s a place you hear of and never need to visit. the Stollery became our home away from home.

From the nurses and respiratory therapists, to the neonatologist and ENT specialist, they are all absolutely amazing and are now part of our family ( I know we are missing many other people who have or will help our daughter along the way).

Thank you for reading our daughters story! We hope we can help the Stollery out as much as they have helped us out.

Dan,Vanessa and Oaklyn

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