Teddy Bear Fun Run - May 11, 2019

Our first year at the Teddy Bear Run - 2017
Our first year at the Teddy Bear Run - 2017

Team Epic Speed

Team Speed is back, with a twist!  These crazy cats felt that the name needed a bit of spicing up, so this year we will be running/walking as Team Epic Speed ;)  This years proceeds are going towards supporting children's mental and physical well being through various programs at the stollery.  One of the biggest reasons we joined this event two years ago was because money raised was making its way directy to programs that Mac and Bronson benefitted from during our days spent in our second home. Every year we like to highlight where these proceeds go to and knowing this year that their focus will be on both children's mental and physical well being is incredibly important to our family.  Physical therapists, surprise visits, speech therapists, play rooms, music therapy, the beach, occupational therapy and pet therapy are a few of the programs we had the opportunity to discover.  Tikka and other puppies visited us bedside and along walks to the beach!  The beautiful and talented, Jenny Plume, sang, played, watched and listened to not only Mac, but to many other kiddos during their visits.  These programs were and are beautiful distractions from some tricky and difficult times for all.

We have loved how our group on this special day has grown every year and appreciate everyone who has taken the time to support Mac and our family.  Whether you are able to hang out that day, make a small donation or simply support team epic speed with your kind words, we thank you!

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