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On April 26th 2017 our lives were broken when we learned that our 2 year old, Willa had a brain tumour. After weeks of trying find the answer to her neck pain, we had the answer that no parent should ever here.
2 days later she underwent brain surgery to remove very little of the tumour due to its location around her brain steam. A week later we kicked in the stomach again when we learned it was brain cancer. Our world literally stood still. We stayed at the Stollery for 7 weeks. While Willa learned to sit up, walk, talk and eat again. She endured 33 rounds of radiation under anesthesia at the Cross and is just completing her 6th round of oral chemo.
Willa has gone through more then most adults will ever go through and yet still smiles everyday and is so positive. She is incredible and amazes us everyday. Willa is the bravest child I know and we as parents get our Strenth from her incredible strenth. We take it day by day, scan by scan. Willa is not out of the woods yet but we are beyond grateful of the support and love we have from our family & friends. Willa’s team at the hospital and the kids with cancer society.
Now 3, Willa is enjoying life and recently became a big sister. Something she is so proud and excited to be.

The Stollery is our home away from home. We spent 7 whole weeks there. The nurses were our saviour. Late night talks and hugs. They listened while I cried. Child life specialists are nothing short of Angels walking amounts us. Willa has a bond with Stephanie like no one else. She was the first person she met and went to play with while we discussed with the team our daughters brain tumour. The doctors are amazing and Willa’s Neurosurgeon, Dr Mehta is one best. I’m so grateful that we have the Stollery here in Edmonton, the hospital has done so much for Willa and my family and many others. I hope to help raise some money so they continue to do the incredible job they do.

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