Teddy Bear Fun Run

Mac's Beaded Journey...
Mac's Beaded Journey...

Team Speed

Hey everyone! Isn't it crazy how a year has nearly passed and yet another Teddy Bear run is coming up!!!? Mac was really excited to hear that they were having another run and wanted to have a team join in again :) If you're not busy and want to play and hang out on May 12th, we will be there! Let's hope that the weather cooperates a bit better this year ;)

The Teddy Bear run is just one way that our family has decided to give back to such an amazing foundation and at times, home, for many. Our time spent at the stollery was surrounded not only by our loved ones and friends, but also with the family of the stollery. Whether it be our calm and caring nurses, our unbelieveable doctors, our upbeat and masters of making anything a game or fun childlife ladies, our respiratory team and the list goes on, these individuals made our time and life just that much easier. We choose to give back through the teddy bear run so that other families who may find the stollery their home for a short or long while, be given the experiences that we had.

Whether you choose to cheer us on, join our team or donate, we truly appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for our family :)

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