Family Day Event

Family Day Classic

Confed Ice Ravens SW593

Hi There!

Thanks for visiting our page.  We are the Confed Ice Ravens.  We are a team that is hard working and full of passion for our sport (hockey) and for life as a whole.  We feel honored to be able to play in the Stollery Tournament and empowered to help raise awareness and funds for the Stollery hospital.  Being kids we may have already visited the Stollery, will visit the Stollery one day or know someone who has visited the hospital. 

Our Team goal is to raise $1500 to donate to the Stollery to help take care of  children in their care. This is valuable to our society as we are investing in our future!  It is incredible to be able to give back and we will strive hard to do our part and hope that our small contribution will indeed make an impact on someone's life.  Thank you very much for your support.

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